Amanda (manny419) wrote in hot_preps,

name: amanda
age: 15
sex: female
where do you live?: bethesda md.. right outside of dc
single?: yes
birthday: 4/19/89
eye color: blue
hair color: brown
fave color: pink and blue

fave stores: neimans, saks, bscene, lacoste, polo, jcrew. i like abercrombie, but i wouldn't really consider it very preppy.
designers: juicy couture, lacoste, polo, petit bateau,
fave bands/singers: benfolds/five, britney, the killers, gavin degraw
make-up brands: nars, clinique, armani, stila 
do you like flip flops?: love love love flipflops. i want rainbows so badly, and i love reefs
what does preppy mean to you?: preppy means growing up in a family with good etiquette and manners, a good academic student, plays sports. and u are definitly a classy person
do you play any sports?: i'm obsessed with golf.. if i don't get to play one weekend then i get so upset, im trying to start a golf team at my school! i also play lacrosse
what are your fav movies?: old school, mean girls, the breakfast club, sixteen candles

If you had alot of money, what types of clothes do you want to wear?: (so we know your taste in clothes) i would definitly buy out the whole lacoste store.. lol. probably so chanel and a lot more cashmere!

how did you find out about the community?: through promos

add pics:


 some of my polo collection.. i have a lot in the wash

  me in my toile room
 obsessed with my sunglasses


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