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name: Anna
age: 14
sex: female
where do you live?: Michigan
single?: yes
birthday: 8/24/1990
eye color: brown w/ green
hair color: dark brown
fave color: lime green, blue, yellow, pink, blue, black, white, i like really bright polos

fave stores: ralph lauren, neiman, saks, lacoste, urban outfitters , tj maxx, banana repub, j crew, h&m, fcuk, burberry, oilily, gap, A&F, citizens for humanity & sevens..even though they are not really a store.
designers: marc jacobs, karl lagerfeld for chanel, D&G, jean paul gaultier for dior
fave bands/singers: red hot chili peppers, cake, maroon 5, goo goo dolls, LFO(haha), franz ferdinand..i like some maintstream music too
make-up brands: chanel
do you like flip flops?: yes. look at my icon i love those.
what does preppy mean to you?: preppy means all the kids who are well rounded and going some where in life. they play sports, brought up with a great family, doing good academically, & dress to kill.
do you play any sports?: soccer, COMPETITIVE swimming, softball, snowboarding, gymnastics, hockey, diving
what are your fav movies?: zoolander, mean girls, the ring, anything scary

If you had alot of money, what types of clothes do you want to wear?: (so we know your taste in clothes)
haha im pretty fortunate as it goes, but chanel, d&g, marc jacobs, tuleh, gucci, louis vuitton clothes, dior, id blow my money out at barneys, neiman, and saks.

how did you find out about the community?: i searched for preps. a lot of communties c ame up, but this one was my favorite because you guys dont consider A&F, ae, or hollister preppy. and i agree.

add pics:

im on the left, w/ my best friend we were mocking the biggest bitch in our school, yea we were bored haha, um we made our faces all orange b/c she goes tanning like 24/7

on the right w/ my little sister

most recent pic of me, in july i think

2 summers ago, im in the top row in the middle when i still had glasses. thats me with my brothers & Sisters in atlantic city, new jersey

first pic, im on the left, we were mocking this girl who was the biggest bitch in the school
second pic, im on the right w/ my lil sis
third pic, most recent picture of me this summer
fourth pic, 2 summers ago, top row in the middle when i still had glasses with my brothers & sisters.

sorry my pictures suck. my mom delted all my recent pics off my computer?? haha


well i hoped this worked this is my first application ever thanks for reading it.
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