samantha (sami53) wrote in hot_preps,

name: Sami
age: 15
sex: Female
where do you live?: Ontario, Canada
single?: Nope
birthday: August 8th
eye color: Blue
hair color: Blonde
fave color: Pink

fave stores: American Eagle, Campus Crew, the Body Shop and Athlete's World
designers: Christian Dior, Donatella Versace
fave bands/singers: Taking Back Sunday, The Used, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance, etc.
make-up brands: Clinique and Loreal
do you like flip flops?: HELL YES
what does preppy mean to you?: Preppy is doing your best to excel at whatever we attempt to excel at, brought up well, treat everyone equally, and obviously dress HOTT haha
do you play any sports?: MSU VOLLEYBALL BABY! OW OW and I curl woot!
what are your fav movies?: That Thing You Do, Dirty Dancing, Big Daddy, and The Cat In The Hat

If you had alot of money, what types of clothes do you want to wear?: (so we know your taste in clothes)

Pictures if that's alright with you...


 <-- I have those jeans... but I'll buy about 50 pairs more!

how did you find out about the community?: pieces_of_me07  promoted in my journal! <3

add pics:

Far Right

Left... with braces.. YUCK... thank the lord they're gone

After a basketball game


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