princesspink08 (princesspink08) wrote in hot_preps,

Am I preppy?


name: Sara Goldstern
sex: female
where do you live?: Phoenix, where its hot and so are the boys!
single?: for now
birthday: april 09, 1990
eye color: blue
hair color: brown
fave color: pink

fave stores: express, buckle, zumies, and abercrombie
designers: burburry, louis v.
fave bands/singers: something corporate, yellowcard, good charlotte
make-up brands: revlon, mac
do you like flip flops?: heck ya, all I wear!
what does preppy mean to you?: someone who knows how to dress, and has good style, its a matter of being classy
do you play any sports?: I do cheer, yes it's a sport
what are your fav movies?: thirteen going on thirty

If you had alot of money, what types of clothes do you want to wear?:  Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, I'd live at them!

how did you find out about the community?: a friend let me know, she is going to apply too I think

add pics:

Im the girl on the left, this is actually where I used to live, Memphis

promote in 4 places, not in your own journal: done

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